Lisbon is beautiful


Lisbon is beautiful, we all know it. But before traveling, there are some important details you should know. Located in the estuary of the Tagus River, it has more than 2000 years old, seven hills and narrow streets, perfect to explore on foot or in the famous tram 28. Here we greet people with a simple “Olá, tudo bem?” and we say goodbye with a “Tchau” or “Tchau, tchau.” To order a coffee and a custard tart, just say “Queria um café e um pastel de nata, por favor!” and end with a “Obrigado!” if you are a man or “Obrigada!” if you are a woman. ?  

Tips to find your way in Lisbon


To get lost in Lisbon is easy and most of times a rewarding experience but to avoid that you end up at the Castle if you wanted to go to Belém Tower, please follow this simple rules:
1) the doors of the streets are numbered from the south (where the river is located) to the north.
2) in the east-west orientation streets, the numbering is done in the west direction.
3) in squares or alleyways, the numbers follow the clockwise direction, being number 1 to the south.
Easy, right? ?  

The charm of autumn in Lisbon


“Quentes e boas!” (“hot and good!”) This is how street vendors advertise the roasted nuts on the streets of Lisbon. But this town has many delicious delicacies, like cod crayfish or cod “à brás”. The pastry is so good that you will want to eat everything. And those who yearn for a fine dining experience, also find it in this exciting city. Were we able to convince you to travel to Lisbon this autumn?    

Monica Bellucci and Madonna in Lisbon


One of the most emblematic museums in Lisbon, the Museum of Ancient Art, presents 12 pieces that is part of its collection chosen by Monica Bellucci. The popular Italian and world cinema actress is one of the most famous residents of the Portuguese capital, alongside with pop queen Madonna. Visit Lisbon and discover why these famous divas chose our lovely city to live in.   

Lisbon and Tagus River


Did you know that one way to get to know the awesome city of Lisbon is to take a trip along the river Tagus? From Belém to Parque das Nações, there are 18 km of river front that are worth discovering. You can do it by “cacilheiro”, a frigate, a boat, a sailboat or even an amphibian. Our favorite is by “cacilheiro” because it’s unique in Lisbon, and yours, which one is it?    

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